Proposed Learners’ Support Centre for Gordon Road Girls’ School
South Africa
Proposed new remedial teaching facility for Gordon Road Girls' primary school, motivated by the principal's passion for education, and funded by a private donor. The construction of the project has commenced and is due for completion at the end of 2015.
All over the world, teachers and prents are becoming increasingly aware of learning difficulties amongst children at mainstream schools. Many parents are faced with the decision of moving their child from a regular educational environment to often more expensive remedial facilities or have them remain in a conventional system without being given the valueable attention necessary to ensure the quality of their schooling career. If these issues are not addressed at a primary school level, children with learning setbacks often develop emotional issues as a result. Gordon Road Girls’ School has recognised these issues and decided to make a difference. Taking into account the learning difficulties of students as well as the problems faced by underpriveledged students who may have missed out on the essential basics of their education (such as learning how to read and write), Gordon Road Girls’ School has proposed that a Learner’s Support Centre be built on the school’s campus. This Centre will aim to provide the vital support for children who need it without having to remove them from normal schooling – at no extra cost to parents and families in need. The centre will also function after school hours, weekends and during vacation periods so that the parents and teachers from both this and other schools in the community would be able to consult with a multitude of child-specialist professionals (such as paediatricians, therapists and psychologists) as well as attend parenting skills worksops that will be held on a regular basis.

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