Diepsloot with HOPE
South Africa
The transformation of a township form fearful, dreamless, hopeless community to an educated, skillful, hard working, future planning, hopeful community!
Diepsloot is a township where most people have lost hope, stopped dreaming, filled with rejection because of how life treated them in the community. Most can't get a job because of lack of skills or their age or any other possible discrimination from the world. Some living here have the opportunity of a great job with slight possibilities of skill development but their job only pays for those who is at home jobless. The aim of this project is to group the community together with skills, knowledge and the ability to provide for each other. The concept is derived from the different places that draws the people living here together: The sport stadium, an arena for concerts or religious gatherings, the shopping centres, the school and the place they call home. When one find the architectural link to combine all these together ine have the possibility to enrich a community like no one has ever done. Therefore this space will be built and created by those who feel rejected because they have no job. Each individual who participate will learn valuable skills in either the built environment (pre and post building as well as the maintenance thereafter), the electrical environment (from installing solar panel systems, to maintaining the power plants to basic electrical work in and around the building), the plumbing environment (installation of rainwater systems, rejuvenating the water and the spreading the water throughout the building) and the agricultural environment (rejuvenating the ground where the township once was, preparing and maintaining crops till the delivery of the food). But the most powerful education will be for those who have passion to teach others. They will be taught how to teach each individual according to their strengths being it technical, academical or practical. This project allows room for each individual to find hope, dreams, life meaning, joy and value.

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