Best Concept / Ongoing Project Winner :Nova Apartment Building - Beglin Woods Architects.
2. Best Building Transformation / Renovation Category Project: The Nairobi Museum Practice: Triad Architects Ltd.
3. Best Landscaping Category Project: Uhuru Highway Landscape Project Practice: AAK Landscape Chapter
4. Best Educational Institution Category Project: Braeburn Garden Estate Practice: Planning Systems Services Ltd.
5. Best Healthcare Category Project: Pamoja Shell of Steel Practice: Planning Systems Services Ltd..
6.Best Cultural Building Category Project: Don Brosco Shrine Practice: Space and Systems Consulting Architects
7. Best Hospitality Industry Category Project: Enashipai Resort & Spa Practice: Dimensions Interiors
8.Best Urban Design /Town Planning Category Project: Nairobi Intervention Practice: Planning Systems Services Ltd.
9.Best Residential Building Category Project: Lamu Apartments Practice: Urko Sanchez Architects
10. BestCommercial Building Category Project: Kenya Commercial Bank Headquarters Practice: Planning Systems Services Ltd.
The Architectural Association of Kenya Duracoat Awards of Excellence Winners 2016
1. Best Concept/Ongoing Project
Beglin Woods Architects – Nova Apartments
Breaking the monotony of the ordinary, Nova is an architectural masterpiece set to dazzle Nairobi’s skyline. The spectacular residences are encased in meandering outdoor spaces, that make a perfect vantage point for the setting sun. Fronting Waiyaki Way but accessed through Muthungari Drive, Nova spans over 0.75 acres of wondrous architectural detail. Residences include 2 bedroom apartments and four bedroom triplexes with sweeping balconies and glistening finishes, offering a harmonious contrast with undoubted prestige. Nova is set within Nairobi’s entertainment hub, mirroring its vibrant cosmopolitan energy with a glistening array of entertainment delights. The NovaLife Podium beams like a miniature city, fusing indoor and outdoor activities.
2. Best Building Transformation/ Renovation Project
Triad Architects-The Nairobi National Museum
3. Best Landscaping Project
AAK Landscape Architects Chapter – Uhuru Highway Landscaping Project.
Project Objectives include the following Visibility – Enhance security for all road users; Aesthetics -Enhance the image of the city by use of different colours, heights and texture. Improve Health of city residents; Reduction of dust, pollutants, noise and glare. User experience – Create functional spaces for all road users. Job creation -Market the landscape profession and create jobs for casuals in the project and Low maintenance Materials – Drought resistant plants, Concrete works on median edges.
4. Best Educational Institution Project
Planning Systems Services -Braeburn Garden Estate.
This has been an extraordinary collective effort between an exceptional client and Trevor Andrews of PLANNING which started in 1978 with the original brief for Braeburn Primary School reception, administration offices, auditorium/theatre and support facilities. The latest additions to the Braeburn family of projects are the proposed campuses in Thika and that in Mombasa. Environmental conservation and water recycling are a top priority at the Braeburn Schools, with sewage treatment ponds being incorporated in all the campuses. These also feature strongly as landscaping features.
5. Best Healthcare Project
Planning Systems Services -Pamoja Shell of Steel.
The Pamoja Shell of Steel was originally designed as low-income housing but has progressed to be adaptable and interchangeable. Different arrangements can be developed to shape the uses that are required. The module pre- fabricated steel structure can be put together quickly and with ease. The standard structure can be completed
within 2-3 weeks with jua kali workers. No timber is used, and 95% of materials can be recycled. The doors and windows are built in steel, with light and power points within the building. In 2011 a conference room was developed at PLANNING, which is light, airy and aesthetically pleasing. This same concept has been developed into a classroom and facilities to use laptops have been installed. Pamoja has also been used for health care facilities, such as a VCT centre. Rooms are planned to accommodate a variety of clinical functions, facilitating the relocation of space without physical alterations. The steel structure is durable and low maintenance, and with pre-designed options, the decision making is made easier. To suit the environment and location, thermal insulation, ventilation and heating can be adapted. The Community Cooker has utilised a shell of steel structure within the Cooker surroundings, which is being used as both a cafeteria and a social hub.
6. Best Cultural Building Project
Space and Systems-Don-Bosco Shrine, Upper Hill Nairobi
The design was inspired by traditional African forms and which formed the basis of the design from the Shape of the church inspired by African huts, Pulpit inspired by African drums meant to drum the message, the altar area and stations of the cross to the articulate detailing of the doors.The composition of circular forms has been perfected where four independent circular forms are tied together by another circular cantilevering plane with conical roofs at the top. The resultant space forms neat curved seating that has sweeping and uninterrupted views of the altar and the entire space.This youth church stands out from the traditional Catholic Church which was more solemn, more linear and with cold colours in a curvilinear, natural lit stepped high volume space that remains true its spirit. Its universal design approach of the church makes it a welcome to the physical challenged by having several ramps for its access. This is a response to the steep slope of the site that was a challenge in the design but has been used as an opportunity for the creation of other supporting facilities for the church at the lower levels of the church which are still natural lit.The body of the church consists of a monolith clad in local stone flanked by four towers that seem to emerge from the roof.Custom made lights that allow a blend of artificial and natural light to create a conducive environment for worship. The walls are painted in a light colour to reflect most of the natural light. The structure of the church allows clear spans and interrupted spans that allow visual continuity inside the church
7. Best Hospitality Industry Project
Dimensions Architects & Interior Designers – Enashipai Resort & Spa.
Enashipai is a Maasai name for “place of Happiness'. The interior design themes are based on two distinct premises: Kenyan Cultural Adornment: Based on the Maasai cultural elements with a focus on the ceremonial adornment, especially the Maasai neckless and the male ceremonial circumcision rite symbols and the Maasai weddings are well-treasured ceremonies in the culture.Dancing, singing, feasting and cultural ceremonies are also significant.
Our interior plans are an interpretation of this in our Afro Chic designs. Ceremonies are joyous times for the Maasai to celebrate purity, hospitality energy, the people and their bravery. This is symbolised in the various colours used in the beadwork for the Maasai neckless.
8. Best Urban Design/ Town Planning Project
Planning Systems Services – Nairobi Intervention.
The Ngong River; an open sewer filled with refuse, oil, bacteria and disease. Factors that contribute to the short life expectancy of the people that depend on it. Ngong River joins Nairobi, and Mathari River, which meets, to merge with Athi River, and leads out into the Indian Ocean. Worldwide, waterfronts and riverfronts, properly exploited,
will create a demand and will enhance property values. The Nairobi River can be equally successful if exploited and sensitively developed. The relocation of the Moi Airforce Base will provide an opportunity for development,
and with no height restrictions would come the opportunity to build high-rises.The quarries that line the Ngong River are abandoned and disused instead becoming home to huge rubbish piles. If they are opened up, they could provide Nairobi with a series of lakes, ultimately restoring the natural wildlife. They would have the capacity to hold 4 million litres. A successful and clean waterfront provides an opportunity for promenades and kiosks, with an opportunity to own a kiosk and pay off the mortgage on a monthly basis. INTERVENTION seeks to link up the transport system to make traffic interchangeable, so more people could move per week; therefore, creating social, environmental and financial benefits.
9. Best Residential Building Project
Urko Sánchez Architects – Lamu Apartments.
The development is in the heart of Lamu’s Old Town.Perched on the edge of the Indian Ocean and designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it is known for its unique blend of cultures. Lamu’s Old Town is the oldest surviving Swahili town in East Africa. It has been occupied for centuries, and its rich history and charming blend of Arab, Asian and African influences has created a distinct and unique Swahili culture. The Old Town remains much as it has been for hundreds of years, with a maze of narrow, quiet, cool and shady streets. No cars can pass here and the only transport is by donkey, dhows or by foot.The layout results as an approach to integrate a large-scale building in this particular environment. The facade is vertically subdivided as a strategy to break the building and minimise the impact on its surroundings. The variety of materials and volumes not only reflects the interior but also helps to achieve this purpose. As a contribution to the community, the development also included the rehabilitation of the surrounding streets, neighbouring houses and a mosque (roofing, painting, windows). In the traditional Swahili architecture, the ground floor is the least ventilated and illuminated. In this project, it was yielded to the common spaces by creating a cold Turkish Hamman and a swimming pool by flooding 1/3 of the ground floor plan.The water games sounds and the wooden lattices filtered light generate a special atmosphere in this space.Ventilation Towers -The study of the winds in the area, the correct disposition of openings in the facade and two ventilation towers are included in the project to enhance the crossed ventilation inside the apartments, very much needed in this climate. Interiors -The apartments have a contemporary layout with 1 and 2 bedrooms. The finishings of the walls are in traditional Lamu plaster (nyeru), combined with traditional Swahili decorations and wooden carvings, generating a Swahili ambience for contemporary users.
10. Best Commercial Building Project
Planning Systems Services – Kenya Commercial Bank Headquarters.
The Kenya Commercial Bank Tower has 25 floors, providing 800SM floor space per level and 500 parking bays, and will house a state of the art banking hall, personal banking facilities, offices and conference facilities or meetings, conventions and workshops. The client's brief required the design and construction of an environmentally friendly tower for the Bank's headquarters in Upper Nairobi Hill. Planning provided fully sun-shaded office space with adequate day-lighting. no mechanical cooling is needed, making this building the first 'passive tower' in Nairobi. Important features for the building's environmental design include the solar control envelope, which comprises vertical and horizontal Aluminium fins( The use of light reflecting finish on the solar shading fins, high light transmittance glass help in daylighting. The horizontal shading component will also act as maintenance/cleaning platforms, providing a sustainable all-round solution) The atrium and landscaped sky courts allow for natural light and ventilation. Exposed concrete waffle floor system provides for adequate thermal mass, absorbing internally generated heat during the day and getting cooled during the night. Three sky courts, each within the three ” fire compartments” created to limit the spread of smoke and fire, will allow air movement into the building and up through the atrium, Rainwater collection (and treatment) and water recycling will ensure low running costs.The bulk of the building was completed in 2014, it is now being fitted out.

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