Without Walls
South Africa
Without Walls, Christian Family Church, Apostolic Ministry Training Centre, Child & Youth Development Training Centre, Khayelitsha, Cape Town.
The site is located in the heart of Khayelitsha and is highly accessible by both road and rail. The Khayelitsha station & Shopping Centre are within easy walking distance. Without walls could mean exactly that “without walls/barriers/boundaries”. The idea is to create a building with “Floating roofs” and vertical glass planes, giving it a sense of transparency and also connecting the internal & external spaces. A beautiful state of the art auditorium will be the centerpiece of the centre. It will accommodate approximately 800 people & it will be fully equipped with comfortable seating and superb audio visual facilities. A special child & youth centre will be created, where children & young people will be raised up to discover their identities & potential. Two multi-purpose halls will be able to combine to seat up to 100 people and will be used for youth meetings, special events & conferences. A Much needed bookshop and library will provide a tremendous resource of books, CD’s, videos and gifts. Glass foyers leading onto a courtyard will transform the façade of the building with trees, landscaping and water features, inviting people to enter a place of peace & tranquility. The centre will be incorporated to provide venues for development and training purposes such as child & youth training, bible school, life tracks, band practice music school and other key training aspects of the community.

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