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Être reconnu pour le travail dans lequel vous croyez. 20 lauréats retenus pour la Shortlist seront invités à participer à une expérience VIP au Cap pour la cérémonie des Awards et un, lauréat du Grand Prix touchera 10 000 $
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Les personnes ou les cabinets qui choisissent d’y participer soumettent toutes leurs candidatures en ligne. Il n’y a pas de nominations ou de filtres entre les participants et les candidatures. La seule chose qui coûte, c’est le temps que vous consacrez à préparer votre candidature.
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Toutes les candidatures sont présentées en ligne. Une fois que les lauréats inscrits sur la Shortlist sont annoncés en juillet 2017, les noms des candidats seront affichés à côté de leur candidature. Ce site sera alors un résumé du travail qui a été accompli sur l’Architecture Africaine
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Africa Rising
Design Indaba
For 22 years the Design Indaba Conference has brought the best creative minds to Cape Town. Our website is another way we celebrate creatives 365 days of the year. With the Africa Rising book, co-edited with Gestalten, we wanted to celebrate creativity, design and new talent on the continent.
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The Gifted School
atelier masōmī - Niger
This 6-classroom project, located in the Village of Koungou Zarma in Niger, is the result of a series of generous gifts that have made it possible for local children, who attended school in crumbling reed and adobe structures, to have a safe and dignified space for education and enrichment.
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Living… than just dwelling
Living…..than just dwelling, a design concept that highlight social people’s life in village.
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Fórum de Arquitectura
“Fórum de Arquitectura” (which means Architecture Forum) is an annual event that takes place in October, in the historical heart of the city of Luanda, where it is located at the Lusíada University of Angola.
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Country Offices for the World Bank Group
Co-Arc International Architects and orthner orthner & associates - Ghana
Designed to accommodate two different entities within the World Bank Group, the offices reflect the culture of the global group within a local context. Environmental responses hinge around a courtyard typology, and layered facade systems which aid climate regulation through natural airflow's and sun control.
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Mills Convergence
Chabu Chikasa - Zambia
Mill Convergence is designed to facilitate modern infrastructure which shall cutter for the creative and arts industry so as to encourage entrepreneurship throughout Zambia especially for the youth. The main features of the complex are Conference and Theatre Hall. Currently there is a shortage of such infrastructure hence the need.
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Pleins Feux Sur
The showcase is a space in which different African Regional Architectural Associations and Institutions award winners are recognised and celebrated. Projects displayed here are not automatically entered into the Africa Architecture Awards 2017. All architects included in the showcase are invited to register and enter before the cut-off date of the 30th of June 2017.