Motshegofadiwa Primary, Hammanskraal
Our school adoption strategy: 1. Engage the community 2. Design a vision framework and maintenance plan 3. Execute phased implementation of the kits of parts – structure, shelter and enclosure.
Adopt a School – Creating hope, pride and dignity. We visited three Gauteng schools and used these investigations to create a strategy for sustainable intervention that could be adopted at any one of the schools. The strategy addresses the variety of requirements of each school and creates a clear framework for the roll-out of interventions, starting with a R450,000 Phase One intervention. We chose Motshegofadiwa Primary to demonstrate our 3-step strategy. 1 this school is ours – establish buy-in from the community; the school is viewed as an asset. This is essential for there to be real social gain through any physical intervention. 2 a vision for our school – establish a development framework that addresses services, landscape and buildings. Develop a ‘vision’ plan and ‘menu of interventions’ that can be completed as funds become available, and in order of functional needs. 3 looking after our school – establish a maintenance programme that includes pupils, teachers and the community in regular cleaning, repairs and servicing of equipment. Training of ‘guides’ during construction/establishment so any intervention continues to ensure the assets’ value. The built intervention – a kit of three parts: 1 structure – steel, concrete or gumpole columns on spot foundations with composite beams (light weight steel and/or timber) between them. 2 shelter – roof sheeting, solid or clear, fixed to rafters and purlins spanning between beams. Rafters can be steel or timber depending on available skills and materials. 3 enclosure – a light weight steel or timber framed ‘box’, insulated and clad both sides on a platform. Floor and ceiling are part of the same ‘box’. The structure is independent of the infill thus ensuring structural integrity, simultaneously creating opportunities for skills development with the non-structural parts. Size varies according to function, it can be added to over time, orientated any direction and step where ground slopes.

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