Kimberley Football For Hope Lovelife Y-Centre
South Africa
By using the power of Football the centre pledges to promote social development of the surrounding community through educational and community relevant public health programmes.
FIFA and streetfootballworld South Africa teamed together to create Football for Hope which is a movement that uses the power of football for social development. “20 Centres for 2010” have been built throughout Africa as legacy projects of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, with the one in Kimberley being the last. Lovelife are the Centre Host and ensures that football-based, community-relevant public health and educational programmes are effectively delivered to the community. The concept of the structure was inspired by line of existing trees (of which there are few on site) and thoughts were to create an additional steel tree which provides shade for spectators to netball and football as well as outdoor activities hosted by Lovelife in the harsh arid climate. The building has been designed on a 8 metre module to promote natural ventilation and day-lighting through the building. The use of passive design enables the building to have optimal cooling in summer and optimal heating in winter. This is achieved by having the large fenestration facing North with window opening situated at the top to release warm air build up in the hot summer months. whereas the small window openings on the south facade enables the building to draw in cool air. This has aided the building to avert the use of air-conditioning in the building. The Building's shopfronts enables the centre host to have a 180 degree vision of the sports facilities including the football pitch. The interior drywall partitioning can be altered to accommodate a different programme, should the use of the facility change in future. The interior lighting's motion sensor permits the room lights to switch on and off when a person is either in or out the room thus a reduction in energy consumption is achieved. Whilst the football pitch lighting is through photo-voltaic lighting that automatically switches on at night. The project was constructed within the same budget of R3 Million inclusive of VAT and professional fees as the other centres but in record time of 4 months. According to the client, streetfootballworld South Africa, the Kimberley Football For Hope Lovelife Y-Centre is the most prestige of them all.

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