Patti Anahory
Cape Verde
Patti Anahory is an architect and designer. She holds a Masters in Architecture degree from Princeton University and an undergraduate degree in architecture from the Boston Architectural College. Her academic work has focused on questioning the presupposed relationships of place and identity as well as the social and spatial definitions of boundaries in articulation with issues of identity, memory, gender, society of control, among others.
In 2000, Anahory was awarded the prestigious Rotch Traveling Scholarship through a two-stage architecture design competition. She is the second woman to win in 113 years and the first to travel to Sub-Saharan Africa. She travelled extensively throughout the continent researching the relationship between place and identity.
From 2009-2012, Anahory served as the Founding Director of CIDLOT, an emerging research centre at the University of Cabo Verde, addressing the dynamics of land settlement, rapid urban growth and development.
In 2011 she co-founded xu:collective, an interdisciplinary art collective proposing a critical understanding of urban dynamics, architecture, environmental and inter-media studies. Now, as a collaborative practice, xu:collective proposes alternative and integrative approaches in these fields.
Anahory is currently developing a multi-disciplinary analysis and documentation project addressing the dynamics, production and construction of space in contemporary Cape Verde, in collaboration with a filmmaker. The project is based on participatory mapping, documentary filmmaking and community engagement.
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