Voi University, Kenya
University Of Nairobi - Kenya
Drawings, plans, elevations
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In Kenyas' Vision 2030 the Social pillar sector identifies education and training as a key development area. This involves building Centers of excellence, institutions and world class universities for social, cultural and economic development. Hence the design of Voi University takes in the context, the culture, the material technology and the people. This design incorporates the brick, the courtyard and sustainable design principles for a design that belongs. The campus is designed to be the core and lung of the community which adds life but also brings people, knowledge and is also a vital gathering place for the community and beyond. The watering hole concept signifies the gathering of people and knowledge and symbolizes where the community gets its life, nourishment and quenches their thirst for knowledge and understanding. This master plan yearns for timelessness in its modern yet cultural design. Drawing inspiration from traditional courtyard dwellings, pitched roofs and inward facing homesteads implemented on a larger institutional scale. It begs the question can institutional architecture be grounded wholesome and still part of the modern times and how can brick be used in institutional design? Key elements of the design includes regionalism. the courtyard , the walkways, the brick and the landscaping.As we move to a sustainable future, let us adopt sustainable architectural designs that incorporate the culture, the community , the people and the climate of a region for a design that belongs.
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