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K&M Archplans won the competition to design and supervise the Ultra Modern Rock City Mall which is one of the Largest Shopping Malls in the East African region with 50,000 square meters of Shopping space.. The 4-level Shopping Mall located in Mwanza Tanzania houses State of the art Cinema halls, an Anchor Tenant, Large & Medium shops as well as Food Courts. The design concept of the mall is drawn from Mwanza’s Key Economic Activity.. Fishing. The entrances of the Mall are abstracted from the fish mouth when its open. This symbolizes dynamism in terms of movement… The Large Fins elements are abstracted from a giraffe which is regarded as the National animal as seen in Tanzania currency notes. This gives the Mall an identity The “Flying Roof “ abstracted from a Fish Tail symbolizes the dynamic growth of Mwanza region. The building utilises an insitu cast reinforced concrete structure that can withstand high seismic loads. heavy foundations were also used. Extensive shuttering and reinforcement was required to cast the concrete work. Construction work kicked off in 2012…….. The Interior of the Mall is Well organized with vertical circulation services at the Central core. The Mall is well served with Panoramic lifts, escalators, Ramps and staircases… Quality Material selection, Colour and lighting is employed throughout the complex to create a dignified ambience The Mall is also fitted with CCTV cameras and Scanning Machines to enhance security. Vibrant Landscaping include paving patterns, planters and shapes that make the outdoor space interesting. Water fountains give a cool natural feel and break concrete jungle feel. An amusement park is also integrated into the shopping Complex.. The Rock city Mall was completed and handed over in March, 2016.
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