Chimphamba Rural Clinic
Architecture for a change - Malawi
Drawings, plans, elevations
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The aim of the facility is to provide the people of the village of Chimphamba with a place where primary healthcare services can be provided which willinclude the following: – reception – waiting area – doctor’s offi ce – supply / store room – 2 examination / consultation rooms – birthing room (MLU: Midwifery-led unit)) – wound cleaning room – living quarters for the nurse or doctor (not included in current proposal) The design of the medical facility is guided by the Health Building Notes documents provided by the UK Government Department of Health. Health Building Notes give “best practice” guidance on the design and planning of new healthcare buildings and on the adaptation/extension of existing facilities. The Clinic is 100% off the grid, with solar energy, borehole water, and a French drain system! CIRCULATION AND ORIENTATION The building is arranged along a central circulation corridor from which all rooms can be accessed. This contributes to better orientation and enhances natural air flow through the building. NATURAL VENTILATION In a rural area where mechanical ventilation can not be provided, enhanced natural ventilation and air flow assists with infection control. PRIVACY CONSIDERATIONS The MLU and wound cleaning room is situated to the back of the facility to provide maximum privacy. Slatted screens in the central circulation space obstruct visibility to room entrances and entrances positioned in air flow corridors provide a greater degree of privacy.
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