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Apsaidal started analyzing the reality of the Built Environment in Africa just a year ago. In that time, we have only seen a small portion of the whole, but that was enough for us to figure out what positions Apsaidal will highlight the most: those initiatives which promote a planned urban development in the African continent, whose main concern is to create social and ecologically sustainable cities, providing solutions to the problems and challenges that face the continent, always preserving the African identity. Apsaidal also provides inspiring, interesting, diverse and innovative projects found throughout the continent, many of them designed by the most prestigious and influential Architects in Africa and the rest of the world. – Apsaidal is formed by different sections – PROJECTS: Divided in the Categories of Residential, Administration Buildings, Commercial, Cultural, Educational, Funerary, Healthcare, Hospitality, Industrial, institutional, Interior Design, Refurbishment, Landscape, offices, Recreation, Religious, Social, Sport facilities, Tourism, Transport and Infrastructures, Urbanism. – PROFESSIONALS: Every time we publish a project, we automatically create a profile of the practice / professional who designed it. By doing we are getting a list of all the professionals and teams who are drawing the New Africa, and influencing the young Architects. Apsaidal also aims to be a showcase for those emerging professionals designing in Africa. – HERITGE: Apsaidal strongly believes that designers in Africa must know and protect the African Architecture Heritage by looking at the past to build a better future, understanding the link to its origins, and by creating designs appropriate to its context. – EVENTS, AWARDS & COMPETITIONS: Apsaidal is a platform that publish the most established workshops, events, contests and awards, related to Architecture and the Built Environment in Africa. Additionally, it provides information on the most relevant International events and competitions to encourage a higher participation of African professionals. – ARTICLES: This is the most flexible section where we publish interviews, press releases about the events we publish, articles about architects, designers and construction in Africa. – UPCOMING SECTION: In the near future, Apsaidal will unveil a new section where businesses in the Built Environment sector can promote their products and services.
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