How to nominate a project
[[In the interests of encouraging broad participation in the awards, members of the public can put forward worthy projects for the consideration of the judges.
Furthermore, architects who wish to submit peer-to-peer nominations of colleagues’ work – instead of their own projects – may also do so.]]
It’s easy to nominate a project. All that is required is an email, sent to [email protected] before 25 June 2017, containing the following information:
1. Name of person making the nomination (essential requirement)
2. Name of project nominated (essential requirement)
3. Name of the category for which the project is nominated (essential requirement)
4. Name of architect(s) responsible for the project (essential requirement)
5. Any additional information and imagery on the project that may be available to the nominator, such as a website address or link (not essential)
Multiple nominations are welcome. If a nominated project meets the entry criteria, then the architect in question will be contacted by the awards team and encouraged to submit an official entry into the awards in order to be considered for the short list.
As entries close on 30 June 2017, please submit all nominations by no later than 25 June 2017, as this will allow the organising body the necessary time to contact the nominated architect with an official invitation to enter the awards, and will also allow the respective architect sufficient time to submit before the closing date of the competition.
Email nominations to .
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