Green Wall Onikan
Hub City Technologies Ltd (HTL) - Nigeria
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What to do with a very small budget (less than $500k), an irregular site that can be seen from a major bridge, and a derelict street behind a rundown museum? The clients needed 1800 square meters of rentable space to be able to break even. The land owner needed a 4 bedroom penthouse. The site itself is an irregular L-shaped plot straddling Military street on its wide side, and Ajasa Street on its smaller side. The site area is 800 sqm, and the municipal laws allow for only 40%of the site to be developed. As a strategy the entire built mass is raised on sturdy columns in some cases 12m apart and the buildings core, comprising of its lift, stairs and toilets is pushed to a side of the floor. Freeing up as much space as possible for rentals. These spaces are finished in monochrome white with brown glass to help regulate temperature and reduce air conditioning costs. The facade glass at Military Street is offset 2.5m from the actual face of the building which we proposed to be covered in plants as a subsidiary facade. This 2.5X12m space becomes a 30sqm outdoor office and meeting room that helps cool the building itself. There are no suspended ceilings as such there are wall ducts which we proposed to serve as spatial demarcation if a floor is rented to more than one individual. Floor heights are 2.9m. The sixth floor, like the site is a three dimensional L shape that culminates at the 7th floor as a small glass box with views to the sea, it is demarcated from the penthouse flat with an air gap that becomes an open air terrace for the occupants. The roof is a terrace and garden for the penthouse that helps provide cooling for the building with its mass. It is an instant icon in this area of Lagos due to its continuation and modernization of the architecture language of architecture of its street, a street whose smog was to be eaten by the green on the facade which will be built as soon as possible.
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commented.stuffing.restored we have done, by stuffing program into a small site in a bid to restore an area as commentary for the future of the street we have built on.
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