Architecture of Crisis: Windhoek Communal Borehole Wells
Namibia University of Science and Technology - Namibia
Drawings, plans, elevations
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In 2016 Namibia faces the worst drought in 80 years. Windhoek is severely affected as rainfall has been low and the demand for water grows steeply. In a city of serious disparities, contemporary urban challenges such as housing and the proliferation of informal settlements on the cities periphery make life around a scarce resource even harder. Architecture of Crisis explores an alternative yet controversial proposal to through the water shortage. The intervention of Communal Borehole Wells supplies the city with water and provides a programme that facilitates resilience. At the same time the intervention explores an alternative water storage solution; the underground aquifer, and looks to integrate the structures into the spatial and social fabric of the city long after the crisis.
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Crisis, Scale, Urban
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