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“With urbanization and the impact of western culture, Botswana~s traditional music and dance, although still practiced, have decreased. Cultural perfor- mances, drama, music, poetry and dance face a serious threat of decline, one reason could be of their political and cultural importance, and however, their preservation must be given special attention” .Botswana culture is essentially what the country is known for today, Remebering words once altered to the ears of Batswana by the first president of Botswana Sir Seretse Khama “A nation without culture is a lost nation These wise words have inspired Batswana from the start and until now. Batswana are trying by all means to preserve and hold on to their culture but they are facing different circumstances that slow down and challenge the preservation of Tswana culture. In the City western culture has affected the local culture, which factor has also slowly spread to some rural areas where traces of the modern lifestyle is noticeable. The adopted culture is now overweighing our local culture in the sense that Batswana have or are losing the long time culture to the new one.The songs our forefathers used to sing and dance to are things of the past, of which the youth of today no less or nothing about them This cultural facility will host and safeguard Botswana’s intangible heritage, Hence the name ‘XAWE” which means to save and preserve in SAN language ,All particular forms and expressions of culture cultivated and transmitted by oral tradition and practice, such as music, dance, drama and pageantry, folktales, legends, myths, and other forms of verbal art will be revived at the facility. It seems more and more urgent for the sake of the future generation to come and experience our culture too. It is important for Batswana to create the conditions where all people have some stake in both the present and the future. And this can only happen if both adults and youth come together, teach, bond, share their minds and thoughts for the sake of a brighter future. The Center will provide opportunities to learn about Botswana~s creative industry .Embracing the culture and history of Botswana by bringing a com- munity together through the design of desirable space. The proposed cultural facility will act as a storyteller of the life style and traditions for tourists and people that are unaware of heritage as wel as reviving the traditional craft. Situated in a big site which will allow for implementation of extensive cultural recreatio- componets to appeal to multiple groups of people STRATEGIC GOALS OF THE FACILITY – Strengthen arts, heritage and culture -Encourage community celebrations and festivals -Strengthen Cultural infrastructure -Build partnerships and increase collaboration -Attract and support creative individuals -Enhance artistic community development -skill development -community Involvement -Youth participation
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