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In Togo and more specifically in Lomé, the city's housing needs are about 10,000 units per year. Indeed, for nearly 50 years, public and parapublic production has been interrupted for several years. The planned housing projects in the last 50 years have produced only 2000 homes, or about 40 per year. To compensate for this deficit, several promoters including the Government the last three years have started in the production of housing. What offer of housing for greater accessibility of the Togolese population? Architects think about the Wellcity project, a new town development in Lome for 10.000 habitants in Lome. ECONOMIC-ENVIRONMENTAL-SOCIAL Sustainable development • New Town includes 05 Clusters on 22 hectares for a better sustainable management of the project: Cluster 01: Residential |200 villas-duplexes of 3, 4 and 5 rooms | Cluster 02: 300 group apartments | Cluster 03: 250-room MICE Hotel and Water Park | Cluster 04: Community facilities (school complex, polyclinic, Technoparc, sports complex) Cluster 05: Social housing | 2, 3, 4, 5-room • Gate Power is a solar-powered designed gate which provide energy for street's lighting, watering of the green spaces and powering security cameras at the entrance of each streets. • Building envelope being one of the main causes of the heat loss in the building, we opted for the choice of hyper densified cement bricks (15Mpa crushing strength) and tempered double glazing. The use of these technologies makes it possible to increase the overall inertia of the constructions, thus improving the thermal and acoustic comfort. HOUSING The vision of the project is to make modern villas integrated into the local culture with a reasonable cost so that every inhabitant shall be proud of its housing. 1. Social standing F2 / F3 / F4 / F5 | Plots from 75 m² to 200m² Of all the real estate operations carried out in Lome, about 70% of the dwellings have being transformed not only for the enlargement of the family but also for the change in the social status of the owner or to the resale of the property. Thus we develop the Concept of the EVOLUTIVE DESIGN VILLAS to anticipate these changes. The keywords of the projects are: Rational architecture, Simple design, sleek, without sophistication, easy to make and design… 2. Economic standing: F3 / F4 / F5 | Plots of 150 and 200 m² .Keyword: Rational use of plot space Villas duplex are built according to a specific design from the African tradition, LA SPIRALE (the spiral) … the generator of life. 3. High standing: F6 / F7 | Plots of 300 and 800m². Keywords: Rational use of plot space, Quality spaces like lush garden and swimming pool, Green Pergolas terrace 4. Social and collectivity facilities such as a school, a hospital, a multifunctional complex (oil station, Food court, covered basketball ground, superette) are developped with the housing project.
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