Wazi Ukweli Hub
Drawings, plans, elevations
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The project brief is to design an eco-friendly and energy efficient innovation hub that is offgrid. This project is a commerical based entity where the client expects to make profits over time but at the same time promote the arts and creatives within the city of Kampala and the nation at large. The design of this hub is centered around revealing the process creatives go through to produce pieces of work. Inspiration is drawn from the local arts within the context and how they work, this has driven the design of the various spaces. Emphasis is also put on innovative ways of dealing with waste management and energy saving techniques to serve as a model for contemporary low cost architecture within the city.The first floor of the design Hub building and the Gallery shop are at the same level, with the ground floor and courtyard a level below. This is designed and set up to carter for the requirements of the various creatives through their work processes tapping into what they mostly get inspiration from. In this proposal, the Wazi Ukweli Hub maintains a social connection to the public realm (Lukuli Road) by having art displayed both on the rammed earth walls and gabion wall. This gabion wall will have vegetables growing in it showcasing urban framing as an economic activity. The main approach leads into a gallery which is housed in the building along the street together with the garden shop. The idea is to have everyone who approaches the hub experience the works done by the creatives with in it.
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