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WAKANDA Theater and Conference Center
The project is a complex encompassing the following; -Conference Hall accommodating 800 delegates -Auxiliary Committee Rooms -Theater Hall with a capacity of 500 spectators -Ancillary facilities It is proposed to be designed in Kalulushi on the Copperbelt province of Zambia. “We are who we are,” as it`s our IDENTITY. Everything in this world is associated with a place and time. Therefore, this project reflects Africa`s richness in regards to cultural and traditional values interpreted in the building`s fabric which depicts the rich, colorful free draping traditional African fabric simply stating “I am African.” It is felt that as Africans, we seem to be losing identity in terms of Architectural style as we adopt new building methods, materials and standards. This project, therefore, seeks to introduce certain elements or style to the building fabric that are associated with an African feel through the use of the very modern methods of construction and materials. “Chitenge” as locally called is an African garment produced by weaving or knitting textile fibers and has been adopted as the buildings fabric or facade feature. Many people associated this garment to African traditional fashion and so the same recognition and identity is hoped to be achieved with our future modern African Architecture.
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