Wakaliwood Filming Village
Makerere University - Uganda
Drawings, plans, elevations
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Wakaliwood is a local filming industry based in Wakaliga -Rubaga a suburb and the city’s capital Kampala. It’s famous for the production of low cost, improvised and eccentric action-comedy that appeal to the local folk these include the famous ‘Who killed Captain Alex. Most of the filming is done within the locality and using the residents as actors and crew. Isaac Nabwana explains that Wakaliwood started out as an initiative to help the youth in the locality acquire skills and earn a leaving. His vision was to change the mindset of the youth from drugs and the community at large to embrace acting as a decent career. The site is 5.8acres in area and is bound by an access road west and a drain stream in the east. The concept developed for the project was Architecture and fiction, the real and unreal. • inception – • Production – • showcase – This discussion would also guide me on what to follow while organizing the Spaces on site versus the context. In the south, there exists a nursery school, this is a place that offers a multitude of shooting scenes and was ideal for the virtual and imaginative part of the brief. These spaces constituted the inception spaces for making film, post production and the multi-purpose residences In addition to the above, instead of fully demolishing the existing structures, ruins were designed that would offer the various scenery for the bombing, blasting and war scenes that are depicted in their action movies. THIS IS THE UNREAL. In the north, there’re largely residences, these offer the actors and producers a platform to interact and intermingle directly with the actual way of life of the community. They do not need to fabricate any scenes here, here there classrooms, rehearsal studios and sound Rooms, this is the REALITY. In addition to the above, a forest/ marsh was designed close by that expands the landscape of the conceptual reality. At the center where all accesses meet, I found the street life. The true depiction of the economic way of life here, it’s the lifeline of the site. This guided in placing the heart of the project, where real and unreal come together in the form of showcasing the output . Hence the theatre and cinema. Flexibility is a major part of the project that is achieved through the ability of spaces to grow and shrink depending on their demands. The main façade of the residential quarters allows the internal space to flow outwards via sliding wall made of translucent poly carbonate sheets. These walls also double as screens onto which virtual scenery can be placed for filming. The project also uses site inspired materials like eucalyptus for making the facades. This eucalyptus is largely available and cheap. Ina addition to the above, corrugated cement fiber sheets are also used because of their good surface aging quality that allow them to take eon the color of its surrounding hence allowing a building to blend into its context harmoniously.
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