The Water Cathedral
South Africa
The Cathedral responds to the core themes of “Live design, Transform Life,” by showcasing African Innovation, bridging divides amongst communities by highlighting water access as a universal design unifier, illustrating that water design will be a core design of resilient cities and societies of the future, and water offers a beauty and sensuality which is timeless and touches all of humanity. The Cathedral will offer a permanent and evolutionary exhibition throughout its duration for interactive displays dedicated to water according to five themes. The three states of water, vapour (mist+steam), Solid (ice) and liquid will be represented in varying ways and the water cycle – (evapotranspiration) will also be represented. The life of the Cathedral will also witness the changes in climate from late summer- to a wet winter and back to early summer; completing a seasonal cycle where our changing relationship to water can be highlighted. Participation in the Water Cathedral presents many opportunities for South Africa and cape Town, including:   Raise awareness of visitors of the myriad and unseen ways in which water management and design can and should transform life. Highlight design and design thinking as a tool to educate society and designers about design processes and industry Informing local and international visitors what the city and country has to offer in terms of water heritage Directly engaging a huge potential tourism and related design market Leveraging opportunities to attract investment and trade Providing a platform to further elevate and enhance South Africa’s status and credibility as a World player, internationally in terms of design and design thinking Knowledge sharing and education between scholars, civil society business and the creative sector Create a child and academic friendly environment to showcase how design in relation to water can and should transform lives. With workshops, an exhibition and symposium, the Water Cathedral targets a large range of South African audiences and participants. Industry, creatives, environmentalists and government are targeted through the symposium, whilst the exhibition is aimed at art and design lovers, museum goers and the youth. The workshops take a different approach, targeting community members from Khayelitsha and Gugulethu, the youth, learners and tertiary students Legacy + archiving: The pavilion will be disassembled and portioned into different components to service communities in the Cape Town metropole. Every ward in the city will receive a component of the exhibition to be displayed within community centers or libraries, or public libraries as each ward councilor will see fit.
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