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The Red Edge – NDPG Matlosana Taxi Facility
South Africa
Drawings, plans, elevations
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As part of a series of projects that are implemented in partnership between NDPG and the City of Matlosana, HolmJordaan Architects & Urban Designers, as part of an inter-disciplinary team, was appointed by Maxim Planning Solutions for the implementation of a taxi facility. The project brief was established through frequent meetings and workshops with National Treasury, the interdisciplinary team as well as the affected taxi associations. The brief entails the design of an inclusive taxi facility for the City of Matlosana that incorporates the five affected taxi associations, a number of trading facilities and long span roof structures to accommodate covered parking for taxis and includes: • A paved and covered parking area for arrivals & departures with approximately 60 parking bays. Peak hour usage can handle additional taxis outside of the dedicated parking bays when necessary in ancillary pockets. The taxi facility will be an access controlled area my means of boom gates at entrance and exits. • Trading facilities, (25m² x 26) • A multitude of covered and shaded areas to allow for trading to take place. • Ablutions (ladies, men’s and disabled) (26m ²) • Meeting room, kitchenette, toilets, reception area and offices (170m²) for use of the taxi industry for meetings and administration • Car wash and parking area Not part of the original brief, the architects also suggested a small public square with low maintenance landscaping and a tower to articulate the prominent street corner: • Public Square: Internalised by the bordering buildings, creates a safe and secure area for the public to rest, wait and interact with one another. Landscaping will be robust and low maintenance and will include trees, tree grids with protection, rubbish bins, benches, lighting, planter boxes and areas with vibrant paving patterns. • Tower: To act as both a land mark and functional design element housing water tank, sump and solar pump. Water is supplied by the rainwater harvesting intervention incorporated in the landmark tower. The proposed design aims to create permeability, which in turn assists with the creation of a safe environment, with a contrasting vibrancy between built forms. This contrast is enhanced by positive and negative spatial entities with colour being introduced strategically to enrich the vibrancy of the site. Linear, trading facilities outline the site with a focal point highlighting the prominent pedestrian entrances. The covered trading stalls along with the open trading areas will facilitate the creating of a dynamic street edge. By introducing indigenous trees as a guide for pedestrian movement, the low maintenance, robust greenery creates relief from the larger paved area. Vehicular access will be from the newly developed central Boulevard on the northern edge of the site into a one way flowing parking area, allowing generous stacking space internally, with the exit to the south of the site. Due to the permeable nature of the design, pedestrian accessibility is from multiple points along the north, south and eastern edge. The layout takes cognisance of the movement anticipated between the taxi facility and the shopping centre and the future government development.
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