The Jukskei River Revival
University of Witwatersrand - South Africa
Drawings, plans, elevations
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The soul of the Jukskei Being in the unique position of working from the Nandos (HQ) Chickenland and the new cultural Victoria Yards development based in Lorentzville, Johannesburg allows for the opportunity to cross paths and engage with the local community as well as experience more of the surrounding area. One day through sheer naivety, offering to clean the stretch of the Jukskei canal that joins the two business premises’ as a start, the real need became apparent for a healthy, safe and inspiring space for the community and employees alike to use (day and night) instead of the continued existence of this disrespected and sad water source. Through research and serendipitous chance meetings with concerned citizens, a talented environmental artist, clean water activist(s), social practitioners and other learned professionals who all happened to share a similar set of values the Jukskei River Revival Collective was formed. The Jukskei River, originates from three eyes underneath the city up to where it daylights has caused that the original wetland has been completely destroyed and the stream, now in a canal, is polluted on many levels. Thanks to the help of the above mentioned collective and recently the collaboration with two young and dynamic architects we now have a framework into which all the different fields of expertise can be held and built upon in a sustainable manner that will allow for the of witnessing of the transformation into a future potable water source that will bring many benefits to the community and at the same time hopefully inspiring further similar activities downstream all the way to Xai- Xai, Mozambique where it joins the Indian Ocean.
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