The Capsule
University of Nigeria - Nigeria
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This project focuses on projecting the image of a campus bank currently grappling with over population at its current ATM stand as one which puts customer satisfaction and experience first by designing a state-of-the-art ATM gallery to complement the existing machines. The major considerations are: 1. circulation circulation of staffers from the bank to the gallery and customers from outside to the gallery, within the gallery and to the bank. 2. Customer comfort/satisfaction: – provision of information and complaint desk. – provision of barriers from shoulder surfing. – visual attraction to stimulate wait time. 3. Physical Security : The increasing deployment of off-site ATMs in less secure locations has opened the door to smash-and-grab thefts and vandalism. Increased deployment of low-end cash dispensers with low-end construction has presented a growing number of easy targets. One of the most common is through physical attacks, which attempt to break into the safe or vault inside the ATM. Other attacks use saws to cut though the ATM's metal case to pull out the vault. Bank Info Security stated that institutions should look at the ATM as a small branch. They suggest using hardening products to better secure the envelope of the ATMs, add the physical products (both metal and concrete) and then the electronic layer, including electronic door. Energy Supply: According to The Guardian Newspaper of Sunday 17th April, 2016 one of the problems facing ATMs application in the West Africa sub-region, especially in Nigeria is related to power outages. With regards to this, most machines run on generators, UPS and inverters to back up electricity in some extreme cases. Concept: Capsule Design Architecture Capsule Design Architecture is an iconic structure and unique archetype for contemporary prefab architecture. It has been applied in many works of architecture especially in sustainable and renewable design.
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