The Brown Green Office Building
Interstate Architects Limited - Nigeria
Drawings, plans, elevations
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The Building has been designed in accordance with development control parking requirements of 1 car park for 75m2 of administrative space, setbacks of 6 meters from right of way and 4 meters on either side, building footprint of 20% minimum and 60% maximum and building height of four floors minimum and seven floors maximum. The Building is a circular structure and provides a distinct and strong visual character while conforming to the development control requirements. The design utilises a composition of pilotis, a circular form, central courtyard, stabilised earth bricks, and timber brise-soleil to achieve 'comfort zone' levels of humidity and temperature within the building thereby reducing the cooling and lighting load tremendously. Xeriscaping is employed using native plant species (particularly those requiring fewer pesticides and fertilizers) to provide increased erosion protection, and improve the air quality within the vicinity of the site. Trees are planted around the generator house to reduce the effect of carbon emission by way of photosynthesis. Permeable pavers are employed to reduce urban heat island effect. Our design concept is guided by the following objectives: • Utilise multi level passive and active protective measures in creating a very secure and safe environment both on site and in the building. • Exploit local technology in construction, materials, and building services. • Create a high quality work environment that is comfortable and at the same time promotes greater efficiency of occupants. • Promote communication, interaction, and inter-personal relationships in the work place. • Promote efficient inter-departmental activity by locating closely related departments on the same floor or in close proximity to another. • Create an Architectural masterpiece that is aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and functional. • Utilise renewable energies as much as possible to power essential services and equipment. The design is a product of a careful analysis and synthesis of the four main requirements of the client; compliance with planning regulations, provision of a fully secured facility, provision of a high-quality office building and provision of a sustainable building that employs both passive and active measures in reducing energy requirements. The main functional spaces are elevated from the ground to provide added security. Access control devices are employed throughout the building granting access to authorized persons only, CCTV installations are also provided to monitor movement both within and outside the building. The building is designed to provide the users with optimum comfort and satisfaction allowing them to perform efficiently. Technical efficiency and reliability will be ensured with the provision of a state-of-the-arts Building Management System (BMS) that controls, monitors and optimizes all building service installations allowing seamless day to day operation of the personnel and the office. Very high quality maintenance friendly materials have been proposed project wide. Solar panels are provided above the roof of the building, these will provide power for essential services and equipment. It will also provide backup power for LED lighting fixtures and the workstations excluding laser printers and other equipments that may require high-energy demand.
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