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Superdome Ifakara
Every year, students from Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam team up with students from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts for a fortnight full of experience in a design/build workshop. The location of activity is Ifakara, a small community in rural Tanzania. Together with a network of partners from the medical sector and the construction industry, the team of students identifies an architectural challenge- which is then immediately resolved. In 2016, the village's elders requested for the team to assist in providing a multipurpose covered space. The timber structure was designed employing the ancient principle of reciprocal frameworks. Its geometry was determined uniquely by physical scale models, without any use of computers or other digital devices. As the principle of reciprocal frameworks allows to span large widths with relatively short elements, the hall is now by far the largest covered space in the community. It was dubbed “The Superdome” by the students on the day of its inauguration. Since then, it has served for a wide range of purposes- ranging from a massive opening party to wedding celebrations as well as a temporary factory workshop for heavy pre-cast concrete elements. After the workshop, students from both continents move on with their individual careers- often making use of the ties established during the experience. While Lucerne graduates regularly return to Tanzania as professionals and civil servants, several young Tanzanian architects are currently pursuing their postgraduate studies in Switzerland.
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