Makeka Design Lab - South Africa
The Scenarium in essence embodies growth, passively residing as a venue that catalyses imagination while actively nourishing the constantly developing culture.
Creative individuals gather to admire as well as exhibit the culture that lies in the roots of our nation. As we look to the past in appreciation, our gaze to the future is fueled with exuberant imagination.
Located at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in the midst of Cape Town the Scenarium has a continuous flow of individuals passing through. A flow characterised with an extensively diverse demographic. As each individual experiences the Scenarium's cultural ambience an exchange of character occurs that develops both the individual as well as the Scenarium's identity over time.
The Scenarium's layered complexity in design and concept provides the foundation it rests on. The design represents a box within a box and developed with functionality as well as conceptual influence in mind.
The layered design shelters the Scenarium's internal environment from external hindrance. The outer layers reflect unwanted noise, prohibit heat transfer and provide a means of managing light inlet. As the design physically provides shelter it simultaneously nurtures local culture in the safeguard that is the Scenarium. As time passes the thriving South African culture diffuses through the community, exponentially growing and continuously developing.
Just as culture influentially evolves over time, the materials used to construct the Scenarium evolve aesthetically to become unique and diverse. This developing and changing aesthetic of the Scenarium embodies the development of culture inside.
The Scenarium is graced with an opportunity to catalyse humble pride towards local culture in the South African community, leaving imagination to lead the way.
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