Savannah Sahel Heritage Museum
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Drawings, plans, elevations
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THE SAVANNAH SAHEL HERITAGE MUSEUM The Museum is an of Archaeology and Ethnographic museum is to be built in Tamale Northern Ghana is a part of the proposed Savannah Sahel heritage Project SSHP initiated by the Ghana Museums and monuments board as a heritage preservation effort between Ghana, Burkina Faso and Mali under the auspices of UNESCO, ICOM (International council of museums), The Smithsonian institution, and the Ministries of Culture, Arts and tourism of each country, and other stake holders in the Heritage sector. The aim of this project is to draw on the common historical and cultural heritage of the three countries and have a common purpose to preserve, protect and exhibit the various forms treasures of the past. This is based on the fact of history that in times past, trade networks connected the three countries and facilitated the cultural influences of one on the other. This is in line with the vision of a united Africa. It is a fact that if Africa is to unite, it must be first by improving our appreciation and knowledge of our common heritage. The project will promote an exchange program of exhibits and study tours will be organized between the three countries The second aim of the Savannah Sahel heritage Project is to build and organize emergency storage within the museums for the treasures of the partner country in times of armed conflict or impending disaster as happened in in Mali in 2012. MUSEUM DESIGN CONCEPT AND PHILOSOPHY – the revival of an ancient form of architecture The Aims of the Savannah Sahel partnership project will be actualized in the design and construction of new museum in each of the three partner countries. The new museums will house and store and protect these treasures and exhibits and display them to the public. The architecture, form and spaces will reflect the unity and influence of the countries on one another and draw upon the history of the sub region and beyond. The Architecture will therefore immortalize traditional forms of architecture in the sub region. CHOICE OF ARCHITECTURAL FORM This is a combination of a number of religious architectural forms 1. The traditional Northern Ghanaian architecture and the predominant ancestral pillars. 2. The orthodox Arabic Islamic mosque represented by the dome on the hexagon . 3. The Sahelian/Sudanic architecture of Mali. 4. The 5 pillars with hieroglyphic inscriptions will represent the ancient art form of Ancient Egypt. 7 AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE APPLIED IN THE DESIGN 1. A history of the ancient empires of west Africa 2. West African art and sculpture 3. Archaeology of Northern Ghana 4. West African tribes and peoples. 5. Sacred Geometry and Egyptology 6. Islamic art and architecture 7. Earth construction
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