S João dos Cavaleiros Inn
Cabo Verde
Located in the neighborhood of São Sebastião, on the left bank of the City of Santiago, in the perimeter of the historic center of “Cidade Velha”, and confronts to the North with pre-existences and to the South with the sea (steep slope). The intervention area of this Project is located on the seafront within the 80m range, but being a case of restructuring of a pre-existence, it is not considered a new construction and as such is not subject to the regime of Classes of Non-Edible Space, which as its name indicates the construction is very limited or even prohibited. MP RGS in its report considers Fort of S. João dos Cavaleiros as immaterial patrimony at municipal level. Which comes in the same line of this project that has as one of the main concepts to recover from oblivion the memory of this monument of the XVIII century. The land, coinciding with the old esplanade MariMar, faces north with the headquarters building of the Historic Site of Cidade Velha and enjoys a panoramic view of the whole south quadrant, subject to the sea and mountain breezes, Coast “to the prevailing north-easterly winds and exposed to the sun all day long, to highlight the magnificent sunset. The Project of the S. João dos Cavaleiros Inn, consists essentially in the remodeling of the old Esplanade MariMar with the re-conversion of the use to a small commercial hotel unit and treatment of the surroundings with the creation of terraced gardens (stools). The intervention in the pre-existence envelope is based on the construction of a set of basaltic stone walls in the form of stools implanted in the escarpment that defines a dry tropical garden, under this structure (in negative) emerges in an “invisible” way, spaces that make up the enterprise; The proposed solution is fundamentally based on 6 (six) structuring principles: 1. Creation of a balance between the program, the economic feasibility and the urban rights of the pre-existence; 2. Development of the building on stools; 3. Adaptation of the walls of the stools to the relief; 4. Design of the complex taking into account the implantation of the disappeared Fort of S. João dos Cavaleiros; 5. Use of local materials; 6. Integration in the Museological Route of the Historical Site of Cidade Velha; 7. Systemic sustainability analysis (Environment, Economic / Financial and Social).
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