Rwanda Social Security Board Headquarters
K&M Archplans - Rwanda
Drawings, plans, elevations
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THE RSSB PROJECT The Project is the headquarters for Rwanda social security board. The design concept of RSSB derives strong link with the indigenous local basket. The project design is intended to symbolize cultural identity heritage, as well as peoples’ health and influence. The project is designed as a monument and landmark. THE RSSB PROJECT CONCEPT The Rwandan basket is a symbol of peace and reconciliation. The beautiful woven basket with its decorations symbolizes a country of contrasts. The basket is a container that secures, and safeguards its contents. PROJECT LOCATION The project is located at a round-about. A focal point, remarkable and domineering Center of convergent. This calls for a project of the future that will inspire imagination and innovation. A new architectural feat in Kigali. THE BUILDING PROJECT The project comprises of the podium and a tower. The podium will carry the conference, commercial and retail activities of the centre. The tower has a central atrium to act as a chimney to the spaces. The tower will have the apartments, the hotel and offices. The tower’s long façade is oriented towards the circle (North – South), to appreciate the greater view of the city and also avoid the critical sun path TECHNOLOGY The project will embrace the cutting edge technology. Particular attention will be given to sustainable architecture to take care of increased building efficiency, and human health. The building will feature key green elements to manage its operational demands.
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