Re-think Makoko
Faculty of Fine Arts -Helwan University - Nigeria
Drawings, plans, elevations
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Makoko slums are ironically dubbed “the Venice of Africa”, where the oily waters running through the area provide little sustenance for the fishing community. It was said to be established in the 18th century as a fishing village, which later expanded when more people moved into the area. Although situated in Lagos, the largest city in Nigeria with a growing economy, the slum remains a disease-ridden and poverty-filled area. State authorities have already started efforts to chop down the stilt houses and clean up Lagos .it is considered to have a population of 85,000 inhabitants, but the estimates go up to 200,000. The real number is unknown because the police rarely go into the slum, which means that the area is actually autonomous. Our re-think plan is to gradually convert makoko from a slum into a self- sustaining community and tourist attraction in 10 years
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