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OSCM Cape Verde
Cape Verde
1. OSCM General Explanation of the preliminary draft concept GENERAL The design is based on a comprehensive land survey analysis, which includes a future development planning under structural and traffic engineering. Aspects also outside The given plot is, E. badly tailored and with the space program with 1500 sqm NF + 300 sqm warehouse too small to ensure an optimal and functional design. The authors propose an exchange of land with an increase in the west direction. At the same time, a joint development for OSCM and INDP in the north, which also allows common and mutual parking. Good on-going relations between the two institutes ensure good cooperation. The overall realm of OSCM and INDP is designed as one unit. CITY CONSTRUCTION / GUIDING IDEA The design for the OSCM therefore necessarily follows the long, narrow ground to the sea and answers in a heterogeneous environment with a long-stretched, but identity-forming basic figure. The guiding idea symbolizes a ship (RESEARCH & SOLAR SHIP), significantly, clearly reduced, stringent, but innovative. AREA STRUCTURE The conception is clearly divided into quiet and Noise intensive areas, around noise-u. To avoid odors. Along a central entrance hall are the areas of administration / offices as well as the conference zone, which offer variable and multi functional uses in optical connection to the photo voltaic modules glazed foyer. A possible extension of the office zone is given along a gallery above the entrance area (crossbars). The technical core zone with the plumbing & Dressing rooms like technology and on the upper floor the laboratory zone as well as outdoor station Forms the noise buffer zone and the simultaneous binding element the transition to the workshop area. From the gallery of the laboratory zone a spatial connection and the view into the workshop hall is given. CONTENTS CONCEPT The OSCM has an ecological energy concept that demonstrates almost completely the entire spectrum of today's available possibilities for energy saving, solar energy production, in particular photovoltaics, regenerative water use, etc. In addition to the marine biology content, the building is to be used as a VISITING CENTER to make the entire ecological spectrum, especially renewable energies, etc., in architecture, to the planning of the outdoor facilities, and to sensitize the public to such environmental tasks. Construction and technology as well as the entire house technology are an integral part of a transparent “open” architecture of the OSCM.   In addition to the main color white, the color scheme is based on the color palette of the sea and its vegetation. Due to the transparent outer skin (PV with lighting) of the building, daylight and night light effects are different, The OSCM is also a “LEUCHTPROJEKT” ( Reference Project in Mindelo and Cape Verde ) The research ship OSCM can run “from the pile” and begin to work
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