"NO SLUM CITY" - Social Housing
“No Slum City” is part of the national slum eradication program in Morocco. it’s a social housing project to improve living conditions for 233 families from the shantytown “Douar Khlifa” in Casablanca. The project involves the construction of 233 apartments, 32 shops, gardens and parking area for bicycles and cars. The small depth of the building allows 83% of double-oriented apartments enjoying sunlight, cross ventilation and views to the landscape. The project favors the choice of ecological materials such as earthen brick and wood, worked in craft methods to help perpetuate ancestral knowledge. Commercial walkway, gardens and accessible rooftops, allow to enjoy the outside life and creates unique space for socializing, facilitating the conditions for “ 1000 better Lives” Human First “saving private craftsman” Our project does not pretend to revolutionize the building industry. however, it focuses on the crucial issue of the sustainability of ancestral know-how and craftsmanship endangered in our country. priority will be given to craftsmen mastering traditional methods, leting the material expressing itself, because “even a brick wants to be someting” (louis Kahn). “1000 better lives” In 2003, the Casablanca attacks made 41 deaths. The terrorists all came from the shantytown of Sidi Moumen in Casablanca. Obviously, Slums are fertile grounds for This Kind of tragedy (Criminality, Unemployment, extremism …). As a result, access to decent housing, quality education and a reliable public service is a viable solution to restore “ social justice ”. Learning From the medina The project implements “lessons” of traditional local habitat. Wooden Shutters (Moucharabieh) limit the impact of the sun, and the thick double walls (40cm) with straw insulation in the midle increase the thermal inertia of the building. The natural cross ventilation of the double-orientend apartments refreshes the interiors and minimizes the use of air conditioners. Inspired by the Moroccan “Ryads”, The shaded outdoor gardens are covered with luxuriant vegetation refreshing in the summer, and allowing rays of the sun to pass in winters, tahnks to the predominance of deciduous trees. The passages under “saba” stimulate the natural ventilation of these “patios”, and favor a fresh microclimate. The use of drip irrigation in guarantees water saving. Good and Cheap Good: The architectural vocabulary of the project is inspired by the history and heritage of Morocco; And the beauty of its light and its natural landscaps. Shapes, colors and textures allow a strong anchoring of the buildings in their geographical and cultural context. Respect for the local identity allows a smooth integration of the project into its environment, which facilitates its adoption by future residents and their neighbors. Cheap : Planned on public plot, the project will cost around 6,001,200 USD; Of which 44 % will come from the Sale of the commercial area, 15 % will be provided by the “ solidarity-housing fund”, and 38% will be insured by future residents who will pay 10,000.00 USD per apartment. The remaining 3% will be completed by The Campany “ Idmaj Sakan”.
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