Nirvana Residences Kegue
Derou and Partners - Togo
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PROBLEM & CONTEXT The main need of the Togolese is to have his own dwelling. The government's housing policy is struggling to follow the population growth. The diaspora who has needs of qualities in terms of housing is constantly struck by the abuse of trust of relatives who use to other effects the funds transferred for site construction or make a bad follow-up of the site construction. WICH RESPONS TO THE DIASPORA HOUSING NEED? The nirvana residence complex contributes by: • Housing supply to compensate the lack of housing • The qualities of the offer by the standing of the proposed housing targeted to the mainly diaspora • The truth in the engagment and the realization of the diaspora's dream 1- LOCATION AND SITUATION | SITE CHOICE The residential complex is located in Lomé, district KEGUE | 500 meters from the big KEGUE stadium | at the edge of the new administrative district of Lomé, 10 minutes from the international airport of Lomé. The project is built on an area of 0.5ha. 2- ORGANIZATION AND SITE MANAGEMENT The site is surrounded by 03 main tracks respectively of 20 and 14m. It is organized into two types of plot hosting two types of villa; villas of 04 rooms on plots of 200m² / 01 lounge-dining room / garage space and villas of 05 rooms on plots of 290m² / 01 lounge-dining room / pool and garage space. Each of the triplex villas has a panoramic terrace at the last level. 3- TECHNICAL PROVISION AND CONCEPT The principle of joint ownership has been respected in the design and layout. It results in the use of palm tree to limit the rear view in the homes behind. The use of the blind wall of the adjoining wall is also a measure used for this purpose 4- ORGANIZATION BY TYPE OF VILLA The basic principle for spatial organization is the same for both types of villas. It is mainly focused on an optimization of the spaces with the use of hall and distribution lock, balconies. Balconies offers views of amenity on the garden or the swimming pool as well as the total space for optimization of the arrangement and the purified facades 5- CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS The materials used for the construction are in keeping with the standing of the construction. First choice materials: tiles, double glazing, curtain wall, transparency. 6- RENEWABLE ENERGY The roof terrace of the rooms on the last level is not accessible to have optional installation of photo voltaic panels for a villa energy autonomy. This reflects the choice on the use of renewable energies. Water recycling is also highlighted, particularly at the level of the overflow pool, which is equipped with a water recycling system.
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Rationality, Light, Transparence.
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