Music Box
Mobius Architecture - Ghana
Drawings, plans, elevations
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“MUSIC BOX” “ What is beyond dispute is the effect of intensive music training on the young, plastic brain. Although a tea spoon of Mozart may or may not make a child A better mathematician, there is little doubt that regular exposure to music And especially active participation in music, may stimulate development of many different areas of the brain.” -Oliver Sacks The Genius-Hive Music Box is designed with modularity and flexibility of design. Using a 5m square module as the base unit of design allows for multiplication and expansion along all axis. The beauty of modularity is in the ability to remove or replace a component without affecting the surrounding system. The space created aims to encompass the unity and beauty of the music created within it. Mastery of the delivery of fundamental elements of design and a focus of honesty to material and simplicity of form are hallmarks of the vision for this project. The projected expansion of the project aims to affect more than its immediate community but to serve as a hub for excellence across fields that can be replicated in several different contexts and sites.
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