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Migrant housing unit
South Africa
The traditional approach towards housing (mining) results in either renting (lower well-being factor) or paying off a property in an area not necessarily wanted (migrant workers). Although most employees would want to own their housing they either can’t afford it or don’t want it near their place of work. The current housing solutions are extremely static and permanent, which doesn’t correlate with the changing mining outlook. The conceptual approach in the design of the MHU (mobile housing unit) is to provide a unit that is mobile, yet relays a sense of permanence. The unit provides safe shelter and dignified living conditions. The unit’s main structure is a refurbished shipping container. Infrastructure to move and transport the units are already in place, in addition to the container being robust and watertight. Externally, composite insulation panels shield the main structure from direct heat build-up and being mounted externally increases internal space capacity. Internally 40mm insulated panels further increase performance and aesthetic appeal. The unit is serviced by pre-fabricated bathroom and kitchen units. The bathroom contains a bath, wash hand basin and wash closet, whilst the kitchen is serviced by a stove, mini-fridge, sink and cupboards. The geyser and stove can be run via gas, or electricity. The geyser is serviced by a solar water heater, pre-heating incoming water, and thereby increasing efficiency. The lighting system is a full solar solution running off a PV panel and battery/inverter system. The external cladding is a fold-able solution that can “flat-pack” for transportation, and fold-up to provide efficient solar angles for the PV panel and solar water heater. The external insulatory cladding then also doubles as shading device by allowing Airflow through the created opening, further enhancing natural cooling of the structure.
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