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Judicial Complex, Kitwe, Zambia
Drawings, plans, elevations
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Zambia mighty be one of the nation experiencing peaceful conditions but it still needs a good judicial system as not all citizens think alike. Since 1991, some progress has been registered in the governance system of the country, including its criminal justice system. However, many challenges remain across Zambia’s criminal justice institutions, and these inhibit the efficient and effective delivery of justice to its citizens. Hence, this project responds to the very problems affecting the Zambian judicial system in the city of Kitwe by having design of a new ultra-modern physical facility following a study done by the institute for security studies over Zambians criminal justice institutions, a case study of the city of Kitwe’s existing physical structure that accommodates the Judicial branch of government in order to render it a modern world of architecture as a relevant concept of contemporal design. THE SITE: Due to the nature of the project, the site must be appropriately selected in line with the development plans of the local authority. Thus, the proposed site is deemed suitable because it is the actual location of the Kitwe resident magistrate and local courts with its administrative offices. The site is located in Kitwe’s central business district (CBD), at the corner of Obote and President avenue opposite Stanbic bank Plc. THE DESIGN CONCEPT: This project’s design concept is associated with the design of this complex in the globalized 21st century by addressing operational problems that strain the current operations of the Kitwe’s judicial system institution yet taking into account the local culture, sustainability and the concept of contemporal design. The form development of the concept is from the manipulation of and cutting applied to a geometric shape of a cylinder which is then formed into the building’s shape by stacking and rotation about a Centre, creating different spaces for the users. THE DESIGN: The building has a large lobby behind a multi-storey glass façade that provides good circulation and waiting areas including Balcones with spectacular views of the city while visibly symbolizing the transparency of the modern judicial system. The interior plan is based on classical “bar” scheme for a contemporary courthouse, with public circulation, court sets and staff/ judges’ areas arranged one behind the other and natural lighting in all court rooms forming a fundamental design objective. The facility also includes spaces for the general public and victim/ witness accommodation and housing the detainees in separate areas and has a basement holding cells and parking to provide detainee protection to as the court rooms.
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