International Conference Center - Douala
Architecte/Cabinet d'Architecture Diwouta - Cameroon
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The International Center of Conferences project is in line with the vision of the Urban Planning Plan and the Plan of Land Use Horizon 2025. It projects on a site of 1.70 hectares. Program : 31 175 m² consisting of: 18,175 m²-Buildings,13,000 m²-Underground car parks 6,500 m²-Roads and various networks. Culture & Modernity, Local & Universal Its functioning is based on user-friendliness, and must translate a coherent identity of the city. The centrality of the buildings, reinforces an architecture designed as an emblematic landmark. The central esplanade creates a gathering place dear to African societies. Form of pirogue recalling the daily life of the fishermen sawa. Pirogue that links several banks. Around this place / pirogue, a series of volumes emerging from a base such as totems. These six emergences with different shapes but in agreement, are oriented towards the esplanade and spaced so as to ensure transparency between the neighborhood and the saddle. Dynamic and graphic volumes on their facades a contemporary interpretation of African-inspired motifs. Implantation & Articulations This implantation favors cohabitation through the concepts of “convergence” and “diversity”. The architectural composition of the complex offers a mall, the esplanade, which laterally distributes ramifications to specific functions.An articulation is made between the autonomy of spaces and their openings to various complementary functions. Constructive concept The aim is to use simple techniques in order to obtain a “green” architectural assembly designed and built on the bases of use of materials reviewed for sustainable development. Structures concrete and metal. Filling in insulating blocks. Active energy production by photovoltaic system and thermal solar collectors on exposed facades. Passive use of solar energy and maximized natural ventilation. Tanks for the recovery of water. Technical management of building networks. Partial planting of blind facades. Dressing of facades. Reflective glazing. Robust and easy-to-clean finishing materials. Proven local materials to be used for exterior floor coverings. Structural and technical directions All the buildings making up the project are built on a concrete base covering underground car parks. The foundations are of type radier. On the part of the site occupied by underground car parks, the frame used is modulated according to the car parks.The system is made of flat beam poles in order to avoid the fallout with solid slabs. The inclined roofs are made of metal structure covered with self-supporting tanks integrating acoustic and thermal insulations. The peripheral and central awnings are a mixture of metallic and wooden structures. The filling would be done in insulating blocks. Suitable solution for the treatment of thermal bridges.
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