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Hyperbolic House
Drawings, plans, elevations
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Home office does not have to be in the house, it can be in the next house; I have given you status and professionalism. Actively designed to maximize the use of natural resources and reduce technological dependency to create compartment comfort. This proposal of offices for the Costa del Sol in Maputo is a bold alternative for the provision of services outside the downtown; Reducing commuting that can compromise urban logistics and decentralize the center to some functions and decrease the periphery-city flow by tiny services. Strengthen the neighborhood so that it is self-sufficient, competitive and attractive. Materials The Same Construction Materials, Different Results. The project can be built with local materials, which will give you an economic advantage, maintain the identity without losing authenticity. Surrounder When dealing with an expanding area, the project comes as a complement to the various options that are built every day in the neighborhood. It is thought to be imposing and stand out by design
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