Guide for Architecture Student
Master Plan Angola-Angola
Drawings, plans, elevations
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Guide for Architecture Student is a small fun-read book with only 105 pages, made specially for students of Architecture. It has 10 different chapters: Draw, draw, draw; The Shape, The Force of Gravity; The Material's Consonance; Contemporary Thought; The Origins; Computerized designs; It's Art, It's Culture… It's Architecture; A good that sometimes makes me sick and finally Architectural Terminology. Each chapter has illustrative images for each situation so the reader can truly understand what is being said. Most architecture students get frustrated, depressed, sad, dis-motivated, irritated and sick, because they have no idea what is waiting for them. With this guide, students will gain an idea of what's to come, what sacrifices need be made, how the life of an architecture student is and thus, they will be ready to deal with the obstacles they will encounter and make decisions whether to go right or left, fight or fly. It also has very good lessons of life that will help build the student's character and future professional profile as well as the student's role as a civilian in their community. Guide for Architecture student is a motivational book that every architecture student needs, for the student to be able to focus, to strive, to persist, but also to enjoy life as it is. It has a comfortable weight and size, so the student can carry it anywhere and it is friendly and personal so students don't get bored and feel that someone is always close to them cheering them up.
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