Fracture | Collaborative Incubator
South Africa
Faced with the growing number of graduate youth unemployment in South Africa and the negative exponential effect it has on the economy a mutualistic space needed to be developed to allow graduated a gateway in to the marketplace. The conceptual approach will attempt to guide the process of the creation of a space where student can integrate in a collaborative way with people from a field that has been already absorbed into the growing economy of Johannesburg. This will foster the relationships of a complex economic nature, and at the same time allow the new youth unemployed to be absorbed into the marketplace. The relationships do not have to be in the same field. This is one of the biggest problem that we are facing now, is that youth graduates are not educated in the exact field that the economy requires. Thus the integration of two opposite fields (economics and art) will form a new perspective of both these fields and create collaborative economic inclusion. This space will attempt to provide young graduates with the most opportune environment to find employment in the context of South Africa and more specifically in Johannesburg. This relationship will be mutualistic. The employers in the space will benefit from new fresh minds and the new perspectives on their fields, ability for new businesses to utilise the student to grow and expand in their businesses.
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