Embassy of Republic of Equatorial Guinea Chancery & Residence
Sileshi Consult Consulting Architects & Engineers Pvt.Ltd.Co - Ethiopia
Drawings, plans, elevations
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Located along a major highway of the city, the building consists of Chancery and Residence for the Equatorial Guinea Embassy. Its configuration is simple rectangular in shape and volume. The chancery located in front has a protruding volume to accommodate a lobby space and spacious terrace on the second level. The residence at the back consists of two self-sufficient apartments, individual guest accommodations, and presidential suite. The two blocks are connected by a platform, roof of the parking, which is an extension of the multi-purpose hall on the first level. The spatial layout is kept very simple with a service core located centrally. Minimal use of color and finishing materials further articulate the buildings’ simplicity. However, the dark gray l cladding and operable perforated aluminum sun-shading gives it a distinct character.
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