Cave Manifesto
Cave Ltd-Kenya
Drawings, plans, elevations
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The Cave as a geological structure and space is ingrained in our prehistoric consciousness, it influences the way we perceive and define the world around us. Humanity’s early experience of inside and outside, the nave, the light well, shafts, chambers, echoes, among many other architectural experiences and features can be directly connected to our ancestor’s encounter with caves and associated networks across the ages. Recorded histories of religious revelations within caves, to philosophical metaphors and narratives about emergence from caves, have formed an intrinsic part of humanity’s past and present. As we fast forward to the postcolonial African city “caves” made by men and women have broadened onto a rural and urban network that is both introvert and extrovert in articulation, and with varying degrees of complexity. The city like the caves are dynamic and complex, both having changed over time, albeit with varying geological time lines. The proposed geological age we live in “The Anthropocene” now brings this anthropological and geological relationship to the forefront, requiring more holistic modes of enquiry surrounding the city.
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