Campanha Reviver
The theme of the Reviver Campaign´s program is the 'Protection of the Luanda City´s Patrimony, with the following objectives: 1. To present the “PATRIMONY CLASSIFIED AT RISK OF EXTINCTION” to the public; 2. To Reflect about the “HISTORICAL IMPORTANCE OF CLASSIFIED PATRIMONY”; 3. To disclose the “SPECIFICITY OF THE ARCHITECTURAL OBJECT”; 4. Dissemination and awareness about the theme of “PATRIMONIAL PRESERVATION”; 5. To Promote “CULTURAL TOURISM”. Reviver is a partnership between the Lusíada University of Angola and KALU Association- Kambas and Friends of Luanda, which proposes “To Protect THE PATRIMONY OF THE CITY OF LUANDA “. Integrated in the activities of the Campaign, we annually develop events according to 3 commemorative dates: • DAY OF THE CITY OF LUANDA (January 25th); • MONUMENTS AND SITES DAY (April 18th); • INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR REMEMBRANCE THE SLAVES´S TRADE AND ITS ABOLITION (August 23th). These dates serve as an excuse to pay homage to the city of Luanda and its patrimony. At the base of the rigorous data collection of the architectural patrimony of the city of Luanda, was carried out a Historical and Architectonic survey on each work. In addition to the Routes, Dissemination and Sensitization work is done through Thematic Conferences and Exhibitions, Publication of Researched Contents, Publicity Campaigns of the “Reviver” Program, Public Cultural Manifests in Partnership with Program Supporters. The Routes are a civic activity with the intention of sharing with the community the problematic of Luanda´s Patrimony. In these walks, history is told through architecture. The Slave Route is based on the idea of associating the specific study on the city of Luanda (namely in the Coqueiros zone) to the UNESCO Project “The Slave Route: Lessons from the Past, Values for the Future”, created in 1994. For these reasons and with the above-mentioned objectives, CEICA created the ROUTE OF SLAVES, a course of interest about the city, places and spaces that are linked to the period beginning in the XVI century and extending until the XIX century. The “Colonial Route” Project belongs to the objectives of Luanda´s historical center revitalization. It is a course that covers the Historical Context of the Colonial period 1885-1975, and that stands out for its attractions related to Architecture implemented in the era of Luanda’s industrialization. With the exception of the buildings from conservative line, which are classified as cultural patrimony, it is also the purpose of this program to embrace the cause of proposing the classification of avant-garde buildings to the category of Monuments, in other words, Cultural Patrimony Built. This project began in 2010 and, until now, we can proudly say that we have got some achievements, in the sense that we already have a community of followers, who support us in the task of Reviving the Patrimony of the City, and who believe that it is urgent To Recover, To Requalify, and To Rehabilitate, for a soulful Luanda! This is our slogan.
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