Building Ethiopia Book Series
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The Building Ethiopia Book Series is a collaborative work of more than 70 architects, engineers, planners, conservationists, artists, educators, students and other professionals, published by the Ethiopian Institute of Architecture, Building Construction and City Development of the Addis Ababa University (EiABC-AAU). The book records and documents prominent architectural innovations and experiments in the country in order to create a link between academia, practitioners and decision makers in the building sector. It serves as a standard reference work used by students of architecture and urban planning and is found in university libraries around the country. In a country that is predominantly rural, over 80%, and home to one of the fastest growing urban populations in the world, an urgent and accelerating need for strategies, structures and systems has dominated the architectural discourse in Ethiopia. EiABC recognizes the importance of homegrown solutions and indigenous knowledge systems to the country because they embody the community’s identity and ways of surviving and maintaining the environment. As a result, its departments and laboratories, together with their partners, have been experimenting with the development of innovative methods that respond contextually and appropriately to this rising demand. Thus, Building Ethiopia advances this dialogue by presenting a comprehensive record of the factors and forces currently shaping Ethiopia’s urban centers and the proposed solutions to adapt to these phenomena. It pulls together the results of more than 60 experiments, research papers and projects by over 70 contributors from both the Institute and industry within Ethiopia and abroad. The publication intends to build bridges between academics and practitioners as well as researchers and policymakers. Its goal is to share tools to assist future planning processes in emerging territories around the world, experiencing growth similar to Ethiopia’s. Established as a platform for intellectual and practical exchange of ideas, the first and second volumes of Building Ethiopia appeared in 2012 and 2015 respectively, with the next volume expected in 2018.
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