Bona Douala From West to East
Architect/Cabinet d'Architecture Diwouta-Cameroon
Drawings, plans, elevations
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« Regardless of location, this is what binds or separates the full-the built-or void-intersticial spaces-which creates the perception of places » This cavalcade expose the urban atmosphere of the setting that characterizes the city. Each neighborhood has its own architectural type related to the combined strata of the history of urban development and the changing area usages. This physical dimension of usages appears as a collective property that determines the new territories. The overwhelming empty space is the area not concerned by the urban fabric. A Continuity in time is being invented and follows the city’s development history whose impact is regressing. « Here begins another song and territories of possible dreams,Tell me how do we do to live in… How we will make to draw you otherwise and cover you with decorations of our dreams…» H.Y. A generic, functional city crossed by vast road networks linking both old and new neighborhoods namely: Bonaberi: its bridge and West entrance.Deido and its Round-about. Riverside neighborhood. Bonamoussadi, new suburb,Akwa, historic city-centre, down-town, Bali, historic and working class neighborhood, Bonanjo, administrative neighborhood with its German and French colonial past. Bonapriso, residential neighborhood and East exit from the city. Douala is seen as a city but lives like a metropolis and distinguishes itself by the upsurge of vacuums among the various urban sequences that constitute it. «The city causes you,and it is necessary to answer it to see it,to be in agreement and to shelter in it » If these areas were built according to the various space types, they have been homogenized by the identical use of the empty spaces that render the city a single psychic environment.City with a radical urban system, open but fragmented, discontinued but blended. Here, the giant development projects concern mostly State infrastructure (roads and bridges). The said projects are being executed at a very slow pace and the city does not wait. It is evolving against the rhythm of these unending construction sites. Paradoxically to the visible discontinuity, continuity is being created based on experience and leading to the awareness of a shared territory. « May be ,to feel exits and belong to a place, with an evolving feature that is beyond our control, should simply be the essence of the interaction of human and urban conditions »
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