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Drawings, plans, elevations
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The building seeks to create a new form of space by integrating public spaces with work spaces. The row cubicles of office workers synonymous with the Victoria Island business district integrates with green recreation spaces synonymous with relaxation and air quality. This, in turn, provides an environment that enhances job performance. The building is encased in clear glass composite panels, fitting together to form a faceted pattern to give its character of unfolding. The entire façade is broken up intermittently by metal pans, to create a sequence of channels that provide drainage for façade/rain water. The building has 23 usable above-ground floors, comprising 18 office floors purposes (approximately 2,600,000 square feet (240,000 square meters) each). The base consists of 2 floors, this houses the public lobby, main reception, crèche, and restaurant and bank offices. The office floors begin on floor 3, and go up to floor 23. There is a recreational area on the roof terrace on floor 24; a section of floor 24 also serves as the mechanical floor.
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