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Bamboo House
Drawings, plans, elevations
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Bamboo House was completed in 2012, located on the Private beach island of Illashe, Lagos State. The client requested for a contemporary beach house sitting high to maximise the view of the ocean, and added security. We presented to the client, the vision of creating a beach house that would be rooted in its context and would experiment with the use of locally sourced materials. We were very keen on designing a modern building for the client, but one that would be reflective of our culture. In many regards, this project can be considered a small step in testing a continued search for place making that acknowledges modernity, belongs to locality, which is an important contemporary issue we hope to taken steps towards addressing. The term we coined for this is ETHNIC MODERNISM. The design of this building has birthed a new Typology across the beaches of Lagos, that were once dated.
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Modern, Contemporary, Lagos The design infuses the essence of a typical Lagos, ilashe beach house with an injection of modern living using only locally available material and craftsmen. The site is located on the beautiful serene Lagos coast with no road networks, access is by boat only via the Lagoon river.
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