AU Dormitory
Terrain Architects - Uganda
Drawings, plans, elevations
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This facility is a dormitory for the students from sub-saharan countries organized by international NGO. It is located in a residential area in a suburb of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Being away from their home, students stay here to prepare for the entrance of universities abroad. Using the materials which they can get locally, it is designed in the simple composition to make local builders understand easily, while they offer variety of spaces where many kinds of activities can happen. After much consultation with local architectural office, it is decided to use most popular construction method with local burnt bricks + reinforced concrete wall and galvanized iron sheet roof supported by timber and steel structure. As the site is right on the equator, there is the strong sunshine, But the climate is quite comfortable to live there all around year because it is dry and sea level is quite high. Taking advantage of this climate, walls are put in east and west to control the direct strong sunlight and windows are put in south and north to have brightness and ventilation within rooms. This is because of the climate that only bedrooms and bathrooms of dormitories can be closed by doors and windows, other rooms are open air spaces where most of the time students and staffs stay during the daytime. Through the conversation and discussion with local people, it is found that they seem to shy away from local materials or construction method because of the admiration for an urbanism. But they gradually realized the possibilities to utilize the potential of the area where have full of green, comfortable climate and beautiful materials that they have.
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