Arba Minch City Mall
Arba Minch University - Ethiopia
Arba Minch (“forty springs”) Located at the base of the western side of the Great Rift Valley, the city is the gate to Nechisar National Park, which covers the isthmus between Lake Abaya to the north and Lake Chamo to the south. It is known as a source for fruit, including mango, banana, orange, apple, guava and pineapple, and it is also known for its fish farms. The city was the main tourist destination in the south Ethiopia and the major trade line between south Ethiopia and north Kenya. The site area of the mall is 4672 m2 which is surrounded by different activities like public transport, public hall, bank, hotel, school and residence within 100m radius. It’s also located in front of the city square. The design was inspired from the nature, culture and architecture of the northern and southern Ethiopia and the form development based on the inspiration and contrast of building element using glass and block. There are three main design features; The first feature of this building is sustainability by using green roof terraces (tree & grass), recycling system of grey water for the green roof and solar energy mushroom shaped shade. The second major design feature is accessibility for the public. The ground floor is open to access for pedestrian to cross the building to the other side of the road. The different levels of the building are accessible from the outside using the terraced landscape which in turn minimizes the crowded pedestrian and vehicular traffic of the square. The third design feature explores form and functionality of the building which contains two main functions shopping and recreational activities. There are 130 cars parking area ,one big storage, hyper market, amphitheater, bank, landscaped terrace sitting, 46 shops, restaurant, two cinemas, game zone, sauna, spa, gym and roof top swimming pool which enjoys the view towards the lake. The building form is a combined transformation of the architectural heritages of the northern and the natural and cultural features of the southern Ethiopia. The building landscape terrace parallel to Arba minch konso road to create a cultural connection to the konso landscape which is a UNESCO recognized cultural landscape.
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